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My name is Stephanie Roy

Hey there! I'm a millennial CG Supervisor at an award-winning VFX&Animation Studio, playing a part in crafting kick-ass projects that bring imagination to life -on screen. Now, let me tell you about my true love—travel. In 2022, I set off on a whirlwind adventure, spending six months exploring six continents and soaking in the vibes of fifteen countries. What really gets me going is proving everyone wrong about other countries. I'm all about seeking discomfort, immersing myself in new cultures, meeting fantastic people, and indulging in the most delectable new cuisines. Round two of my global escapade is on the horizon for 2026, so buckle up and join me on this journey as I explore the world, one laugh at a time. Cheers to embracing the unexpected! ZombiekillerRTW

Blog Host in Bali
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