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I arrived in Australia after two flights that were so noisy they confirmed even more my lack of wanting kids. There was a row of three absolute monsters banging, yelling and throwing things on the plane’s corridor and although I wanted to be pissed off at their mom for just sitting there doing nothing - seeing the emptiness in her eyes made me think that she had just reached a point of no return. Maybe she tried hard -and for years; maybe she just got dealt bad apples. I empathized enough to not say anything, I mean that poor woman was trapped with these awful creatures 24/7, but I secretly wished we could pay a bit more for a childfree flight. That would be an upgrade i’d be welling to do every time. Take. My. Money.

The sky in cairns was overcasted but the air was so warm that I wandered if I would fry if the sun ever came out. I checked in my hostel and started exploring the small empty town. It was low season, yes, but I wasn’t expecting it to be so empty. It felt like I was walking in a ghost town, deserted by everyone but birds and lizards. I stopped on the esplanade to eat a pizza and then walked on the boardwalk to take in the beautiful scenery of the mountains around. I was walking when my eyes crossed the one of a very cute guy. He was tall, his wavy brown hair almost reaching his shoulders. We both smiled at each-other -man that smile was to die for- and instead of continuing walking we stopped and started a chat. His name was Stefan (we laughed at the similarity with mine) and he was from the Neatherlands. We discussed why we were here, talked a bit about our plans for the future and then also for the night. He was meeting a friend in a few minutes but we exchanged igs with the plan to catch up later that night. I continued walking around the boardwalk and as the rain was starting, i decided to head back to the hostel. I met two of my roommates -one girl from Germany and one from Switzerland. They were both very sweet. In the end, the lack of sleep caught up to me and I passed out in the bed around 9pm.

The next morning I decided to pay for an airbnb experience that was promising a safari day to see several animals in the wild. I got pickup at the hostel around 13h and was happy to see that there was only an other couple in the group. The driver/guide was amazing and very funny. We first stopped in a quiet neighbourhood to discover tons of wallabies roaming the grass around the houses. These small versions of what you think of a Kangaroo were the cutest thing to see. We saw a bunch of wild turkeys and several weird-ass birds before jumping back in the van in direction of the mountains. We had to drive on a road with 258 turns, going up the mountains, and I was pleased to not feel carsick once. During the day and evening, we stopped in multiple areas of the tablelands. We were able to see a platypus, some rat kangaroos, a forest dragon, fresh water turtles, a few padymelons, tree kangaroos and flying foxes, possums, huntsman and micro-bats. I was in awe with every animal I was looking at -i felt extremely lucky to be able to experience this, to see them in their natural habitat. We drove back to the hostel after a 10h tour that was one of the best i ever had. I had to shower and go to sleep right away, as I was leaving for another tour early the next morning.

I woke-up very early after a relatively good night of sleep. I walked to the pier, about 10 min away and checked-in at the Down Under counter for my snorkel/helicopter day at the great reef barrier. I then boarded the boat, a big three-story yacht. We were only 80 people (including the staff) on a boat that usually has 190 people (excluding the staff). The crew director was very surprised by the count but he promised us an even more epic day because of it. The boat started it’s journey to the great barrier, the clouds staying behind us at the pier. It was very hot and sunny outside now and when I started snorkelling at our first stop, i noticed how warm the ocean was too. I stayed in the water for about 1h30, not even noticing the time pass. I was fascinated by the amount of colours and diversity that was swimming below me. The fishes were massive and so friendly. We were called back by the crew so we coule have lunch and move to our next spot. That’s when I noticed that the staff director was flirting with me. He was quite obvious with all the looks and smiles. At one point he even removed his shirt in front of me - a ridiculous attempt to get my attention that made me internally laugh and just change levels on the boat. He was clever enough to notice he wouldn’t get me this way and decided to simply come and talk to me, a few minutes later. The first conversation was pretty basic, testing the water I guess. Asking if I was travelling alone and so on. He did manage to make me laugh a few times, which made him more attractive in the end. Don’t get me wrong, he was a cute guy- just not my type at a first glance. I then went for lunch at my table and met with an amazing woman from New-York who is a private chef over there. We talked about food, travels and geeky things and then it was time for me to jump on a smaller boat that was bringing me to an helicopter. I got sat in the front- next to the pilot who was already more my kind of guy. We had a super nice chemistry but this tour was only 10min so no time for me to even think about asking him out. The helicopter moved up and around the barrier and i was speechless by the beauty and immensity of everything. I had already do a few helicopter tours on other holidays (one above a glacier in banff and one above a volcano in Hawaii) and I was as impressed by this one. The tour ended and I was back on the boat to put on my stinger suit (it was jellyfish season) and get in the water for my second snorkel of the day. I stayed for the whole remaining 45 minutes and then we were called back on the boat again. We had free wine for the way back to the pier. A bit before I disembarked, the crew director (Jack) came to me and asked me if I had any plans for the night. I said no and he invited me for a drink. I internally saluted his guts and said yes to the drink. He might have not been my type, but i was reminded internally by Rali’s voice resonating in my head, that my type often comes with red flags. Maybe I should just open to new ones. I walked back to the hostel, took a shower and went back out to find a place to eat. I found a restaurant with typical Australian dishes and tried crocodile sausages on a volcanic rock (that tasted like spicy chicken) and got the best desert I ever had in my life: a magnum lava cake (literally a magnum put reverse inside a chocolate lava cake). Then, I had to walk to a speakeasy not too far away to meet Jack.

If you manage to get a first date with me, there isn’t a lot you need to do to be able to get sex too. I mean, hear me out -we aren’t here to find true love, I’m clearly only in town for a few days. Yet, as awfully simple as it should be (you just need to be a gentlemen and not a fucking tool), I constantly get surprised by the amount of guys that cannot even fake to be decent for a few hours. That date was one of them.

It started quite nicely, with him paying for the first drink (I would pay for the second one later on) and being a real gentleman. We started discussing his life and mine -and what made us who we are and where we are now. So far, everything was great. He stroke me as someone charming, quirky, the underdog of his family -and he was very clever and funny. The conversation migrated to our love of science, our hate of spiritual healing (Bali was at fault for this topic) and slowly formed the fatal question: do you want to have kids? I answered “No, i do not”, feeling like this wasn’t a necessary topic for a one night stand. He asked me why and if I would ever changed my mind. I replied that my mind was set, I was 32 and that ship had long sailed. He finally smiled: “I got a vasectomy last year.” Jack was only 28, but he also knew since a younger age that he didn’t want to have kids. Suddenly the conversation was way more interesting to me. Jack was the first guy I dated who was that sure of not wanting a child. I got his point of view and felt like this was going to be a very lovely night. If this had been it, I would have clearly go back home with him. But unfortunately Jack was about to mess everything up, quite dramatically. Our conversations on kids led to talking about the movie Idiocracy which in turn led to speaking about people becoming dumber every generation. He said there should be another pandemic (as a joke that this would clean the planet) and I answered that the next pandemic should only kill idiots. He laughed, agreed and said “don’t get me started” before enumerating all the Indian people he met so far. As I was hearing the words coming out of his mouth in disbelief (like what the fuck is this guy talking about and why is he specifically talking about Indians), I realized that because of my french canadian accent, Jack probably heard “Indians” instead of “idiots”.

I was livid. “You realize I said Idiots, right? Not Indians.” He looks at me, realizing with distress how badly this all just looked. “That’s fucking racist”, i continued. He then tried to add stories about English people being idiots (he is english too), a very poor attempt to make himself look less of a fucking racist piece of shit. I sat there, watching him trying to find a way to get our of his mess - I was profoundly disgusted. But the more he talked, the more I realized that he was just trying to have all the same opinions as me to get in my pants. As he misheard my words, he just decided to go with the racist card thinking that I had just made a racist comment. Who is ready to make a racist comment just to get in someone’s pants, what the actual fuck. I started to think about the “wanting kid”question and realized that he asked me and waited for my answer before telling me he didn’t want it either. Now, i was suspecting that he never had a vasectomy either. I was completely turned off. I looked at my watch. “I need to go, I have a tour tomorrow morning very early”. He tried to invite me back to his place. Are you fucking serious? How do you think this is still a thing? He walked me back to the hostel, even though I told him I was good. It was pouring rain and in the middle of the street he pulls me and kisses me. The worst kiss I ever had. Because the person giving it was disgusting and because it also just felt all over the place and not sexy at all. I felt sick to my stomach. Then, i thought about Anand -the Indian guy I kissed a few weeks back. I wanted to scream to Jack that Anand was a thousand times the man he would ever be. I wanted to told him how he kissed better, talked better, thought better- how we was just simply a better human then him. I was so angry at Jack for being so nonchalantly racist earlier. I finally arrived at my hostel. Jack asked to meet again tomorrow but I told him I had a tour and was leaving early the next day so no. I could have be way more bitchy to him -he deserved it, but I felt like this wasn’t my job to educate him. As I once read somewhere: bees do not loose their time trying to teach a fly that honey taste better than shit.

I went to bed thinking about Josh and Dan and how decent humans they both were. I wished there was more people like them I could meet during this trip. I wrote to Josh, he replied. We had been sporadically writing to each-others since Saigon. He was in Thailand now. I went to bed with a better feeling, like if talking to a decent human being saved my whole faith in humanity.

The next morning, i woke-up early for my last tour around cairns. It was with the same company - down under- but this time it was in the mountains. The bus was full but as I one of the first one to get picked, i was sitting on the front next to an amazing Aussie woman. Her name was Michelle and she was 58. She lived in Perth (on the west coast) and was diagnosed with a disease at the beginning of Covid that pushed her to review her life and leave her job to road-trip through Australia. We had a fun chat going up to the train, where we had to split cause we weren’t on the same wagon. The ride to the top was absolutely beautiful. I felt so happy all along. There was almost no tourists due to post-covid and low season. I was alone in my pod too, once we reached the sky rail. I felt amazed by the immensity of the jungle and the power of the waterfall below me. After about 4 hours, i regained my sit in the bus and was dropped off my hotel. This day was an absolute blast. I loved everything about Australia, so far. I wandered around the town for my last night in Cairns, I was about to fly to Sydney the next morning.


I arrived in Sydney end of morning and was greeted by the sun and a very warm 30 degrees. I checked-in my hostel (the guy at the reception made a mistake that I would later realized -he checked me in all the beds of the dorms, without more charges) and then went for a walk around town. I had a few hours to stroll around before my climb of the harbour bridge. The city gave me some Mtl vibes at first, with the mix of new and old buildings and the amount of coffee shops everywhere. The view of the opera house was beautiful and all the food I ate was on point. Around 4h30 i made my way back to the bridge where I was briefed and strapped on some harnesses to begin my climb. I was the fourth person in a group of ten. The woman behind me was slowing the rest of the group because she was petrified of moving forward. I remembered that several years before, this was me. I had extreme fears of heights. It was so extreme that I got sick every time I took a flight and my heartbeat accelerated every time we were driving over a bridge. After reading a book by one of my favorite Astronauts (Chris Hadfield), i forced myself to do activities involving heights so I could rewire my brain and stop being so afraid. This came from a chapter in the book where Chris was explaining how astronauts prep for space walks and how he once lost is sight on one of them and had to remain calm to not worsen the situation. Basically, the chapter talks about fear and about how if you are afraid of something- you should do it over and over again until it feels so normal that there’s nothing frightening about it anymore. So, i did. I jumped off a plane, off a cliff, off a bridge and waterfalls. I did zipline and suspended bridges, climbed mountains and stayed near the edge once I reached the top. I sought every possible experiences involving heights and as I conquered each one of them, my fear became less and less of a thing. I was now at the top of the harbour bridge, smiling at the view and feeling free- not an once of fear or stress in me. I encouraged the woman behind me and told her my story -she smiled but I know she was too overwhelmed by her panic to think about anything else. She would later feel so proud she did the climb, that in the end she would prob continue to force herself into these situations, so one day she could overcome her fear too. I went for dinner after the climb and walked back to my hostel with a few shivers -the temperature had dropped to 20 degrees and my body was shutting down. I arrived to an empty dorm and was more than happy at the prospect of a great night of sleep.

The next morning I woke-up refreshed and ready for a day of adventure. I decided to take the ferry to Manly - a beach that do not honour it’s name, as I would later realized. Turns out that there is no more hot long-wavy-hair Australian surfers here. They have been replaced by the cast of Trailer Park Boys. Mullets and moustaches everywhere you look. I sat outside, on the ferry, and met a lovely lady with who I would converse for the whole ride. She was from Perth but had left for Melbourne to follow a group of musician friends, about 20 years ago. They then all moved to Sydney. She felt in love with the city and decided to call it home. She gave me lots of places to visit and then we part ways as the ferry arrived to Manly. I had to walk about 10 minutes to traverse the town and arrive at the beach. It was beautiful but nothing breathtaking so far. I stayed about an hour under the sun and then decided to walk along the coast - I could see there was a path that looked pretty awesome. I stopped at a little coffee place to grab a snack and more water (ended up paying a coffee to an old man fully tattooed who was so damn nice I couldn’t not do something for him in return). The path I was now on was named Shelly Beach to Barracks. It was longing the coast and the setting was absolutely beautiful. It was very fucking hot and the sun was frying me, but the nature around was so beautiful I just couldn’t stop moving forward. Everything was very dry looking, crooked trees and shrubberies growing out of the hot sand. I crossed path with multiple lizards and probably a ton of spiders and snakes that I ended up not seeing. The walk took me about 3 hours to complete, and I loved every minutes of it. When I finally arrived back at the ferry, it was about 2pm. I decided to take it back to Circular Quay from where I could take a bus to Bondi Beach. I heard that there was another coastal walk there that was very worth the time. The bus ride was enjoyable and I was dropped right in front of Bondi Beach. I loved the atmosphere instantly. There were small shops and restaurants on the main road, a skatepark overlooking the ocean, a boardwalk longing the beach and I could hear the helicopters patrolling above to make sure there was not sharks in sight. I started walking on the Bondi to Congee coastal walk and I have no word to describe how beautiful it was. I had plan to walk it all, but about half-way through my foot started to hurt very badly. I could feel a huge blister forming on it. I did walk none stop today, so I decided to walk back to the bus and come back another day to finish my hike. I ate in a small sushi place on the main road and then went to watch the skaters while waiting for the bus. I arrived back at my hostel about an hour and a half later. It was now about 21h30 and there was still no one in my dorm. I was exhausted but I could hear the music from the bar below as clear as if I was on the dance floor. I took a shower, changed and made my way down to the Scary Canary for one drink. I thought that if I stayed up for a few more hours I would get tired enough that the sound wouldn’t bother me anymore.

When I entered the bar, I was a bit shocked at the crowd’s age range. It’s also very awkward for me who isn’t a fan of clubs to just go there alone. I went to the bar and grabbed a drink. Came back near the dance floor and just watched like an old creep. I finally made eye contact with a group of girls and started chatting to them. They were pretty nice and it occupied about 15 minutes of my time. “Hey, I’m Archie”. A guy that was with one of the girl just introduced himself. Tall, cute, with a big white smile, a hot accent and flirty eyes (and yes- the accent was from the uk). I remember thinking that he did look very young tho. I smiled, thinking to myself that’s not gonna happen buddy. I went back to the bar for my second/last drink. When I came back, Archie stopped the conversation he was having to come talk with me. He asked me where I was from, why I was here and for how long. “How old are you?”, I asked before answering any of his questions. He laughed- “how old do you think I am?” I answered early 20s. He said no, 26. I felt like that was a lie but when he tried to guess my age, I realized that we all looked younger than we are, in the end. I told him i’m 32. He was shocked, but he stayed. “Is 26 too young for you?” I remember thinking at least he is old enough that Leo wouldn’t date him. Also, he was for sure old enough to be in this bar -the bouncer was very damn intense with looking at ids. “It depends of the personality”, I answered. He smiled, I could see he was now pretty confident in his abilities to seal the deal. We talked, danced and flirted for a while and he actually had a pretty awesome personality, so I thought why the fuck not. Picking up girls in a bar was definitely not his first time but he was very gentleman about the whole thing (paid for my drinks, never left me alone on the dance floor, etc). Around midnight l, he asked if I would go back to his hotel with him. I asked if he had a private room and he laughed, “my friend is coming tomorrow so i’ll be doing hostels forever. I took a bougie room tonight.” Fair enough. We stopped in my room, next door, so i could get my charger and some clothes. We then walked for about 10 minutes before stopping in front of a very very bougie hotel. Oh. I thought he meant he had paid for a private room in an hostel. I made jokes about how extra he was while we went up to his room, a fucking suite with the most comfy bed I ever touched in Australia. The whole thing was a perfect one night stand. Archie was charming, funny and laid-back, we had such a good chemistry and laughed our asses off in-between kisses and sex. I definitely loved his personality and how he thought everything was funny and he was so confident regardless of the situation. (I mean this wasn’t the best sex at first -because we were drunk and add on top the use of condoms). We slept all close to each-others and woke-up on and off for more action -better every time, as the alcohol was fading out. I remember thinking this guy should write a book about how to be the perfect one night stand. He prob would be an awesome boyfriend too, go get him (younger) ladies!

I woke-up early the next morning, because I wanted to go for brunch before my tour a bit later- and also wanted to be an equally great one night stand and fuck off early to give the man some space. We kissed goodbye and thanked each-others for the fun night, wishing the best for the upcoming travels and adventures we would each experienced. This was legit the most fun and respectful one night I ever had. I left smiling, fucking exhausted but also kinda full of a new energy. I walked for an hour to a fancy instagrammable brunch place, had a delicious pancake and then walked back to the meeting point for my tour. The mini-van was almost full when i boarded it. We were missing one person that arrived a few minutes later and sat next to me. His name was Jordan. He was also from the UK (they are everywhere) and after about 15min talking with him I knew we would laugh a lot during this tour. I received a text from Archie saying I forgot my transparent kimono in his room. Fuck. I asked him if he could leave it at my hostel -but if it was too much trouble he could just trash it. He agreed to drop it at my hostel, like the gentlemen he was, and this would be the last conversation we would end up having (If you are reading this: i forgot the kimono at the hostel reception like a fucking retard haha). Anyway, back to the tour: we drove around several national parks and I was so hangover I kept falling asleep every time we popped back in the van. Luckily enough, Jordan was also pretty hangover so we bounded on how trash we both were and continued the adventure feeling less alone in our misery. The main event of the day was a bbq at a camping site that had been requisitioned by kangaroos and wombats. It was such a fun night to eat and walk amongst them, definitely something I will remember a long time. We then drove back to the city, i felt asleep for most of it. I arrived in my (still) empty dorm and passed out instantly.

I woke-up pretty late, took my time in the shower and then decided to go back to Bondi because I wanted to finish the walk up to Congee beach. I was as amazed by the sight of the coast and the sound of the waves breaking on the shore, as I was the first time. I stayed about an hour just sitting in one of the most beautiful spot i ever saw. I remember thinking how this place was just perfect and how a piece of my heart and mind would forever stayed there. For the first time so far, I felt home. After about four hours back and forth (with few stops), I was back to Bondi beach and about to take the bus back to Sydney. But i then saw that my friend Alex was actually literally in front of me (in a brewery the other side of the street). He was with a friend from Quebec -Brook. I joined them for a beer but had to leave about 40min later to catch the bus to not be late for the Opera. They asked if I would join them for a night out after, which I agreed too. It was so nice to see a familiar face and Brook was also very nice, so I knew we would have a great night. We temporarily said goodbye and I hopped on my bus to the city. I quickly showered and changed at my hostel and then make it to the Opera. The venue was way less impressive from the inside, and when the opera started I was shocked to hear how old -fashioned it still was. Very misogynistic and degrading towards different body types. At the entract, I decided it was enough and simply left. I texted back Alex to ask if they had eat and he told me they were waiting for me. I joined them at a pizzeria about an hour later. We ate like porks and then walked to the bar next to my hostel. (Yes, the bar where I met Archie). We drank like there was no tomorrow, danced and laughed and had such a great night that we ended up closing the venue. We then walked to PFK because Brook and I kept saying everyone told us it was better here than in the US, and even if Alex tried to discourage us from trying we peer-pressured him into it and he ended up giving in. We all went back to my hostel to eat the feast -I now had a private room for my last night. After the meal (Alex was right, it was as shit as in the US), the boys left and I felt asleep instantly knowing damn well that I had to wake up in 3 hours to go take my flight for Melbourne.

The alarm sound almost made my heart stopped when it rang, and when I sat in the bed I realized I was still very drunk. I had time to take a quick cold shower and then took the train to the airport. My ass was in the flight, an hour or so later, ready to pass out as the plane was quitting the runway.


My flight was only two hours so I landed with the beginning of a hangover. I took an uber to my hostel, checked-in and had a nap of several hours. I woke-up on time to go out for dinner and explored a bit around st-kilda. I tried my best to stay awake until 9pm, after what I gave up for the night.I woke-up early the next morning, went for brunch and decided to walk to cbd (the city center) via the botanical jardin. The walk was very beautiful but it was grey outside and pretty cold for a summer. I had a sweater and a jacket and was still shivering here and there. Cbd felt a lot like Montreal to me. A lot of alleyways with graffitis and murales everywhere on the side of buildings. Some part were more beautiful though. More modern and still artsy. I passed my day in coffee shops and restaurants, and walking between different neighborhoods. I liked Melbourne, but nothing like I felt I was supposed to. Everyone was telling me it was such a great city and I felt more in love with Sydney so far. I went to bed wondering if I was missing something.I woke-up the next morning and went for another brunch before starting what would become my daily morning walk to cbd. There was some drama involve that I will not share here because it’s involving some friends of mine -but I passed my walk talking on the phone with Rali to tell her everything. I then arrived at the mini-van I was supposed to take for the wine tour. We were about 15 people in it and it was promising to be a very fun day. The guide was awesome and wanted to make sure everyone felt like this wasn’t a corporate tour. The first rule is that we had the right to drink in his van. The second is that we had to put songs in a playlist he created, so that everyone could learn to know each-other. I decided to test everyone and put one very emo song amongst other I thought would be more successful. We started to drive and my emo song was the second one to play. No one in the bus said anything but I was giggling internally at what they could have been thinking. About an hour later we arrived to our first tasting at a magnificent vineyard in Yara Valley. Two irish girls (Tara and Neive) sat next to me and we instantly became best friends for the day. They asked out loud who put that terrible song earlier and I said it was obviously me. We joker about it and the fact they would end up loving emo by the end of this tour. We had about 10 glasses of wine and I was tipsy when we took the van back to the second location. We had a few more glasses there and then it was time to switch it up a bit and go in a gin distillerie. We learned more about two other travellers then - Tash and Jacob, who were also pretty damn nice. We then went for lunch, followed by a champagne testing at Chandon and we ended up the day with a chocolate tasting. Back in the van, we had a few ciders and two hours later we were dropped in the city. Neave asked everyone if we wanted to go for one last drink in cbd, and Tash, Jacob and I agreed. We ended up taking a few on a terasse near the river. I then walked back to my hostel very damn drunk, and I would have gone to bed but i could hear every single song playing in the bar below. One of my roommate just came up from the bar and I convinced  her to go back down with me -there was some sort of a boozy bingo event and you could win 1000$. The girl in the bed next to me decided to come with us and our girls night out started with laughs at the whole randomness. I told them my age and they told me I was 22 for the night, things they kept saying until I went bed hours later. When we arrived, we went towards the end of the bar where the girl was with some people she met earlier. There was a chair available and a very handsome Brazilian guy wanted me to take it but I was like no I’m fine standing up, you take it. He sat and kinda grabbed me so I can sat on his lap. I honestly didn’t mind because he was absolutely my type and he definitely looked in his 30s. It felt nice to have someone my own age flirting with me. I helped him looked for the bingo numbers and after a while the girls and I went back to the bar for more drinks. When we cam back, the host called “b69” and the Brazilian just stood up, picked me up, flipped me in the air so my head was now upside down and mimicked a 69. The bar went fucking nuts while I was just screaming and laughing, quite in shock. We were all very lucky that move didn’t made me puke, let me tell you. Once i got back on my feet, the host came do give me several alcohol tickets and i shared them with my strong Brazilian date. We kissed to celebrate and I ended up passing the night on and off with him and the girls. He ended up leaving a bit before one am, because he was with all his friends and they were going to another bar. We kissed goodbye and I stayed about half an hour more on the dance-floor with the girls before making my way back up to the room. While going up the stairs, I crossed path with a couple laying there, eating mcDonalds. I sat with them and we chatted for a while, laughing about our night. I made my way to the bed around 2am, finally, and as I had to wakeup at 6h to walk to cbd for another tour, I knew it would be a very quick night.I woke up about 10 min before my alarm, prepped and started my morning walk on the way to the city. I met the mini-van in front of the Arts Center about an hour and a half later. We were a group of 8, all of them being from different places in the world. I befriended the welsh girl sitting next to me and a guy from Toronto. We passed the day driving and hiking around the great ocean road and were lucky enough to spot three koalas in the wild. I was struggling to keep my eyes open, while in the van, but the view was so beautiful that I managed to do it. I was back at my hostel around 9pm, took a shower and died in the bed.I woke up later than usual, the next morning, and went for brunch before walking back to the Arts center. Our group for this tour was way smaller -we were only 5 in total. All woman, except the guide. I befriended all of them while we drove to Phillip Island and while we walked the several hikes around it. The landscape was beautiful, more looking like what I would expect of Ireland than Australia. We ended up seeing a lot of wallabies, tons of penguins and one bandicoot. A very successful tour! We arrived in CBD around midnight and I once again was exhausted from the whole adventure.The next morning, i went for brunch and then checked out my hostel. I left my luggages there because my flight was only later at night. I met back my friend Alex for lunch and then decided to walk along the beach in St-Kilda. It was the first warm and sunny day of Melbourne and I actually liked the city way better now. It was time to leave, though, so I hopped on a uber and made my way to the airport, where I knew one of the longest flight was waiting for me.

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