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For as long as I can remember, i never wanted to have kids. I always envisioned my futur full of travels, new experiences, tons of friends and animals, a job I love and my soulmate by my side. That, I knew I wanted it. But having kids was never part of my goals. Actually, as the years passed -not having them became one of the goal. Maybe it’s because I grew up without any kids around -or maybe it’s all my experiences that ended up forging my mind on the subject - but I became more and more sure that being a mother would never be part of my life. Don’t get me wrong- I don’t hate kids, but I have absolutely no feeling of awe when I see one either. I think that says a lot. If I cross path with a dog or a cat, I feel the urge to pet them and tell them how much of a good boy they are. If I see a kid, i usually switch side of the road because I foresee them being loud. I know deep down I would be unhappy and depressed if I had some of my own. And I am too empathetic to bring someone in this world and make him feel miserable by seeing me sad every single day of his existence.

I admire all the souls that jump into the experience of building a family -and I am an happy aunt of two amazingly beautiful girls now- which I am so proud of and I know I will love forever and from all my heart. But I decided long ago that my role with kids would remain the one of the cool aunt and nothing more.

Regardless of the list of hundred reasons I chose no to become a mother, it is something very personal that I often don’t like to talk about. I always feel like I have to justify my choice and I am quite over doing that. Over the years (and even more now that I have pass the 30years cap), I had to sit through countless talks of how having a family is the ultimate goal and that I will be missing on my entire life if I don’t go this route. Most of the people who want/have a family cannot fathom the idea of someone not wanting the same. I had countless of people telling me I would change my mind, asking me for all the reasons why I didn’t want kids but feeling offended if I dared ask them why they wanted it. I am done with that topic and I will not change my mind. But if I am telling you this now, it is because Thailand brings back a bit of sad memories to my mind (but a ton of positive one too).

Three months before leaving for my round the world, I broke up with my boyfriend of a 3 years relationship. He was supposed to come meet me here, in Thailand. Although there was several other reasons (we were absolutely incompatible personality-wise and he had major anger management issues) the main reason for the breakup was that he wanted kids and I did not. It is something he knew when he first started dating me -but without telling me he was believing deep down that I would change my mind. Throughout the years, he made me feel unloved, undeserving and less of a woman for my lack of desire to produce a baby. It was a very toxic relationship I should’ve ended way earlier -but you know as well as I do that nothing is black and white- and when you mixte in feelings, nothing is easy to do. Anyway, I feel way more free and happy right now than I ever felt while I was with him. We had some lovely moments together but I overall always felt anxious being around him- and that feeling completely vanished the moment he stepped away from my door the last time. I don’t put that all on him, though. Most was on me for accepting to be with someone that was clearly not loving me for everything I was. He was in love with the idea of who he wanted me to become. A suburban wife and a mother. Obviously every moment he was realizing that this wasn’t me and that I didn’t want that life- he was getting annoyed and making me feel like shit for being myself and not who he wanted to be with. The breakup was necessary and way easier than anticipated- I think i had already make peace with it way before it happened. But coming to Thailand was something i unconsciously dreaded because I knew it would bring back some of the memories I hadn’t had time to think about since the breakup.

The beautiful thing is that it actually brought peace instead of sadness. Arriving in Bangkok i realized how happy I was and the reason was that I am living my life a hundred percent like I want it. I am not ashamed of any single part of who I am and I have decided to allow in my life only the people who love me for everything that I am. That is, my friends, something I wish everyone can experience. I feel peaceful and so happy. And I am grateful to be in a state of mind like this. I do think that this relationship, as toxic as it was, actually brought so many positif because it made me realized the life I never wanted to have -and by that fact reinforced the life I chose to live instead. The life I am living right now.

My thoughts switch as soon as I enter my hotel downtown Bangkok. Once again I am amazed by the grandiose room I have selected earlier. I am here for only two nights and I have a feeling that I will love this city very much. I decide to walk around town for a few hours to discover a bit my neighbourhood. It feels a lot like downtown Montreal from what I am seeing right now. I can walk everywhere without any insecurities and i love it. I go back to the hotel to change and decide to go to the rooftop bar where they filmed Hangover 2. This is definitely a tourist trap (each drink is about 50$) but I am willingly jumping into it because the view is incredible and I am also a Hangover trilogy fan. I befriend the two Indian barman who are hilarious and super nice and they end up giving me recommendations for some places to see the next night. I go back to my hotel early and wakeup the next morning ready for a full day of exploration.

I walk about two hours to the palace and then to eat in front of Wat Arun. The food is fucking spicy and it makes me a bit nervous of what to come (but i end up not having any issues later, thank the fucking lord). I walk another two hours to explore the old town, china town and then i’m back at the hotel. I have dinner on the rooftop and then take a grab to the speakeasy yesterday’s barman recommended me. Once in it, I get a delicious drink and call a second grab to go to my second and last speakeasy. This one was recommended by my friend Antoine (thanks again bb!) and it is so well hidden that a stranger ends up helping me finding it. I take a delicious rhum based drink made with salted caramel (what) and then grab my way back to the hotel. I have a video call with my crew -i missed these guys so damn much it feels so good to see their faces, and I then need to go bed because I am waking up at 5 in the morning to take a flight to my first island of Thailand, where I intend to continue being fully myself - good or bad.

Oh and friendly reminder to any guys interested in me out there- please always remember that the best i can do is a cat.


I grew up with parents that were very open-minded and fun. I was allowed to have parties at my house (they were going to an hotel for the night to leave it to me) and I always felt that they were trusting my judgement in every situations. I was always allowed to do mistakes -as long as I was learning from it. There was only one clear rule that my mom put in place from the start: do not do any drugs or i kick you out of the house. She didn’t care if my friends were doing it - she just didn’t want her daughters to be involved. I learned, later on, that her experiences with drugs were very very bad - her brother had schizophrenia that got triggered by the usage of pot and she also saw some of her friends lost potential because drugs overuse made them lazy asses. She just didn’t want her daughters to not become the best versions of themselves.

In the end, she did very well at making drugs look unnecessary to us- with the freedom of hosting parties without a chaperone and being allowed to sleep at our friends place (boys or girls) without having to report- we felt great enough that we actually didn’t care for trying drugs at all. I, in fact, grew an aversion for it and was slapping my friends and telling them how stupid they were every time I saw them smoke.

One day we were at an open-house party and I was about to slap my best friend because he just popped a pill but he stopped me dead in my track by telling me that I wasn’t allowed to condemn something I never had tried before. I have no clue why, but it resonated with the rebel teenager I was- after all, the thing I hated the most was being told not to do something without having a clear reason why. I always wanted to know the reasons behind things. I took a deep breath and decided that; that year, I would try a few different drugs just to see what they were all about. A purely scientific experience to give me some ammunition for when I wanted to slap people. I started that very night -with LSD. I know what you are thinking -why the fuck did I started with something so hard. Well the answer is I didn’t knew the difference. I thought that all the drugs were equally bad.

I remember being with my friend Melodie, at the time. She agreed to jump in the trip with me. We found a guy selling it at the party and both had to put a small cardboard piece on our tongue, under his directive. He then put one drop of liquid on the paper in my mouth. Than he tried to do the same for Melo but the little flask he was holding was now empty. He searched his pocket and found a second flask -put one drop on Melo’s tongue and left. We both swallowed the paper and went back to the party.

It took about 45 minutes for me to start noticing that I was high. I was sitting in front of the fire, outside, and the smoke was changing colours from grey to bright purple to tints of pinks and oranges. Everything was so beautiful and made me uncontrollably happy. Melo was clearly high too, by then, because we started laughing for no reason for about 10 minutes. Then, I remember the hallucinations becoming more extreme. I was looking at my thigh and on it there was a concert venue seen from above, with a very tiny Celine Dion waving at me. I kept laughing, not because it didn’t make sense -at the time it didn’t even cross my mind- but just because I thought this was so cool and funny. I remember looking up to tell Melo to look at my thigh- but she was gone. I started walking, trying to find her in the massive backyard crowded with teenagers. About 5 minutes into my search, i had to stop to look at my feet because they were hurting like hell. One of them had an axe stuck into it. I wasn’t scared at first, not even surprised. It’s like I had a feeling of pain and now I just knew were it was coming from. I continued walking, laughing, and telling everyone that there was an axe in my foot. Until I finally found back Melo and she told me that I didn’t had anything in my feet. Turns out it was just super cold outside and my LSDeed brain filled the void with that story instead. As soon as Melo told me, the axe disappeared. But something else far more creepy was lurking around- Melo was not high anymore and I was just going up in intensity. We both thought that was very weird, so we found back the pusher who told us that he didn’t had enough LSD for the both of us -he gave Melo PCP instead. I had no clue what that meant, but turns out LSD trip last way longer. And like if the feeling of knowing i would be the only one high for hours wasn’t enough, the pusher told me “I hope you haven’t swallowed the paper- that shit can kill a horse”. And here was the beginning of my bad-trip -that lasted more then 48 hours in total.

I will not go in details here, but that was the first of a series of very bad experiences with drugs. I did end up trying many others -from weed and hash to pills- but only about two times did I end up liking it. Both times were because I had cook with weed, instead of smoking it. If I smoke it, I always end up feeling anxious and paranoid and I never enjoy the feeling. So yeah, Mommy was right. Maybe it is because I do not like not having control, but drugs are an absolute no go for me. I will stick to alcool as my main vice.

But how in the hell is this story linked to Thailand? Well, allow me to start from the beginning.

I arrived on the island of Ko Pha Ngan after an hour-long flight and an hour-long ferry ride. The island smelled like weed, I am not even joking. Everyone was sooo chill though, it was amazing to feel relax walking on empty streets and beaches, day or night. Weed is legal in Thailand, and I couldn’t forget as I crossed path with many weed cafe and weed farms along the way to my bungalow. I wanted to check-in but the owner wasn’t there so I dropped my bag in the lobby and decided to walk to go explore the beaches. It was beautiful and so relaxing. Very few tourists -I felt like I had my own private beach. After lunch, I went back to the bungalow and checked-in. The owner showed me a bike I could borrow the next day and told me that the previous guest had broke the toilet seat but that he would go buy a new one and install it today. I said thank you and continued my exploration of this part of the island. Ended up eating in a pizzeria on the beach and was in bed by 10pm -the toilet seat wasn’t fixed yet.

The next morning I woke-up early to go explore a bit further. I hop on the bike, wishing there would not be a lot of people on the road so I could get more familiar with it without being stressed by traffic. There was no one on the road, but the bike kept changing gear without me doing anything. Although this was kinda manageable, I decided to go back to the bungalow after the throttle handle stayed in my hand while i was going up an hill. So now both the bike and the toilet seat were broken. Went back to explore the island by foot- more beaches, small coffee shops and tattooed people everywhere. I really liked the vibe overall, although i couldn’t see myself live here forever. It’s almost as if everything was too chill for my personality.

During my three days on the island, I tried my best to adapt and just do nothing. Walk to a coffee shop in the morning, then go to the beach, then go eat again, back to the beach and so on ‘til sleep. I have to admit that it was very relaxing and I think my body unconsciously needed that. But I was also laughing at the fact people kept telling me they were going to fix things but they were so high all the time that nothing got fixed by the time I left.

On my last night I met with my neighbour, Dominik -he was smoking weed, laying in his hammock in front of his bungalow. I sat with him on his porch and we started talking about many things -including a bunch of drug trips. The conversation took this turn because Dom just came back from a weird chocolate ceremony that he described as similar to a DMT trip. So here me out, I do not do drugs but I still find everything around it so damn interesting. I am following this youtube channel where a girl and her brother test all the different kind of drugs but under medical supervision (they have sensors hooked on their head and body to monitor what is happening when they are on it). This is so interesting because it gives insight on both the feeling of the person getting high and what is actually happening in her brain and body. We discussed about this for a long time and it was so interesting for me to get the perspective of someone doing so many psychedelic drugs to get insight out of it. A part of me wish I could do that but my personality will turn any buzz into an anxious nightmare. There is no way -perhaps except if I am monitored by doctors- that I can have a nice trip without my brain bringing back all these times it wasn’t fine. I wanted to continue discussing with Dom, because he was interesting and so funny -but I started feeling very dizzy out of the sudden. I think it was a heat stroke from my day out in the sun. I tried to push through it for another hour but I was feeling so dizzy I finally had to tell Dom and walk back to my bungalow. I wish I had met him the first day I arrived, so we could have had the chance to hangout a bit more. We hugged good night and I passed out in my bed as soon as my head touched the pillow. The next morning, I woke-up top shape, thank the lord, because I had a 7 hours commute to my cottage in the jungle.


I arrived in Khao Sok after what felt like an interminable commute. Boat, moto, tuktuk, bus, van -i wouldn’t have been surprise if someone had told me to also take an helicopter to get to this destination. When I was dropped at the lobby of my hotel though, I suddenly felt like the commute was more than worth it.

I do not know why, but I was always fond of rain forests. If you ask me to pick between this or any other landscape- i will always chose the jungle. And damn was this jungle impressive. It was everything I thought I would see in Vietnam. The flora diversity was incredible- everything was massive and colourful, and I saw multiple wild animals all over. After some research, I discovered that this rain forest is even older than the Amazon rainforest, and so it’s diversity is even bigger too.

I settled in my bungalow and went for a small exploration around the property. It is located on the river bank of the Sok river and there are several monkeys and gibbons swinging from bamboos to trees. There is an alarm-like sound resonating in the distance -it is cicadas performing a concert for us. I feel so lucky to be here.

Tonight, it is new year’s eve. I could have stayed on Ko Pha Ngan and celebrate it at the full moon party, but I wanted to start this year with something that was closer to the person I am. Something filled with adventure and exotic animals.

I decide to ask the staff if there is any tour available for the evening. They tell me I can go on a canoe trip on the river. We end up being only three tourists for the tour. I have my own canoe, with a guide paddling and telling me where to spot some cool animals. I see frogs, serpents, monkeys, fishes and wild colourful birds. The experience is absolutely beautiful, almost magical. The water is warm and every turn the canoe takes, I am amaze by the beauty of the nature surrounding me. The canoe trip lasts about 2 hours in total. Then, we are back at the bungalows for dinner. There is a staff party for new years eve and it’s an hilarious sight -we even end up celebrating with them in the end. They are all incredibly friendly (possibly due to the amount of alcohol they took). Around 11pm, the night takes a turn when three tourists flagged that someone have broke into their bungalows and stole their thai money. The very drunk staff turns into the Scooby doo crew -convince they can find the guilty. About 30min into their mission, the owner comes and calm them down because there is no way we can resolve that tonight. The party start again but is over around 1 am. I go back to my bungalow (all my stuff is still there) and fall asleep quickly, rocked by the sound of the cicadas.

The next morning I wake up early to get breakfast before my tour of the Cheow Lan Lake - a lake with rocks formation that looks a lot like Halong Bay in Vietnam. I get a tea and a fruit bowl and then the mini van pick me up. About an hour into the drive, I have to make them stop to go pee. For a weird ass reason, even though I would only have drink a tea in the morning, I ended up peeing every fucking hour during the day. They even gave me the surname “pipi”. At least I made everyone laugh, and made some friends along the way. An amazing couple from New Zealand and one girl from Italy. So, a part from the urge to pee every hour, the trip was actually amazing. We stopped to explore a cave, then went for a swim in the lake and finally a trek in the jungle. The view was worth 100 halong bays to me. And the weather was flawless for this day. I was dropped at my hotel for dinner time, after what I passed out in my bed, almost instantly.

The next day, I woke up and went to an elephant sanctuary that the staff of the hotel recommended to me. My urge to be was gone, so this was gonna be a good day.

The sanctuary did not breed any elephants -only rescued them. A very few people a day are allowed to interact with their elephants (we were only two when I went) and it is only IF the elephant is feeling like it that day. There, I had the immense pleasure to meet Bunlap - a 40 years old female elephant that was rescued, 8 months ago, from her previous owner who was torturing her since she was born. I was able to feed her with her special medication (she is blind from one eye and the other one keeps getting infected due to her previous owner stupidity), bath her in mud and in the river and be a small part of her regaining trust in humans. It was an incredibly heartwarming moment but it also educated me on how there are still too much animal cruelty in Thailand. The owner was with me all along to explain the history of elephant tourism here and how a few residents are trying to make things change.

I said my goodbyes to Bunlap and made my way back to the bungalow. I ate lunch and then switched to my last hotel in the jungle. It was a similar concept but a bit further down the river. I settled in the room and an hour later I was tubing down the river with a group of tourists staying at the same hotel. It was so much fun! We saw several monkeys and serpents, and the sunset was absolutely beautiful. The only downside is that they told us not to being anything but our phone and swimming suit- and when the sun went down it started to be quite cold. After about 20 more minutes in the water, we finally arrived where the cars were picking us up. We drove back, freezing our asses in the back or the open van, for about 15 minutes.

I took the hottest shower in the world and then proceeded to the restaurant to have dinner. I was sat next to a family and their fucking kids kept screaming -without the parents doing any intervention. So long for having peace even in the middle of the jungle. I ate very quickly and then walked back to my cottage -far enough to finally get some tranquility. I chiller for the rest of the evening and felt asleep like a kitten, around 10pm. The next morning, i had another 5 hour commute to my next destination: Krabi.


I arrived in Krabi early afternoon. I was dropped at a bus station and then someone asked me if I wanted a taxi. Yes, i do. I followed the man to his car (after 2 months in asia, you don’t feel scared following people you don’t know -that’s just how things roll here). I assessed- it was a taxi. Let’s do it. I jumped in the car and we start talking a bit. He points to me all the places I should visit along the way to my hotel. He then give me his card if ever I need a lift during my stay. I thank him and then check in my hotel. It is pretty nice. The room is big, clean, with a/c, a hot shower and a balcony I won’t use cause it’s burning hot outside. I decide to go walk to explore the town and have lunch somewhere. The town is very quiet, but I feel as safe as anywhere else in Thailand. The few people I cross path with are happy locals shouting Happy New Year to me. Everyone is happy and smiling. I then walk on a walking street where there seems to be a festival happening. There’s a shit ton of street food and stalls that sells different stuff. I stop in one selling phone case because mine is about to break in my hands. I buy one and a screen protector and stay around 30min to chat with both of the sellers. They give me some insight on where to go for lunch, about 10min further.

I end up in a small italian/thai restaurant, owned by two amazing old ladies. The food is delicious -reminds me of the scene in Ratatouille where Anton Ego gets projected in his past from the simple taste of a bite of his meal. After my delicious lunch, I proceed next door to grab some desert. It is a nice coffee shop that feels very hipster for the area it is at. I order a Ferrero rocher croissant that turn out to be to die for. I do feel a bit guilty right after -i do need to get in shape for my surf camp that’s coming up. I walk back to my hotel and start my shame workout. I fucking hate working out. But I know it’s for the best, so let’s fucking do this. After an hour of complete martyr, I jump in the shower and leave to explore a bit more. I pass my end of the afternoon walking around and have dinner in the might market I saw earlier. Walk back home in the dark, but still feeling very safe as there is a lot of people passing by on my way to the hotel.

The next morning, I go to another coffee shop and then do my workout before getting picked up by a mini van for a boat excursion. There are two couples in the mini van, one of them I will befriend through the journey. They are from England, her name is Lizzy and his name is Charlie. They have left everything behind, in England, and are travelling the world with the intention of settling down in New-Zealand. They are funny, kind and so interesting - I have such a blast chilling with them during the day. The boat makes several stops for snorkelling and walking on different islands. Half-way through our journey, we are on chicken island (an island shaped like a chicken thigh) when a massive thunderstorm rips of the sky. We run in panic to get out of the water, the rain pinching our skins as it violently pours sideways due to the wind. The spectacle is beautiful yet terrifying. The water that was barely reaching our knees when we got off the boat is now almost touching our neck - when we fight against the wave to regain the ship. We are soaking wet, all our bags are soaking wet and the wind his making everyone shiver. Everyone is now back on the boat (that doesn’t have any walls so the rain keep pouring on us), all squeezed like sardines to get some heat from one another. We are all cold and from outside, we probably look miserable. But inside, we are all happy to live this experience and we are all laughing every time a lightning lights up the sky. This feels unreal. One minute ago we coule clearly see all the islands surrounding us- it is now grey everywhere we look at. It almost feel like we aren’t even anchored to the shore -like we are on the middle or the sea with waves rocking the boat in all directions. After about 20 minutes, the storm finally passes us. We start to navigate to our next destination- another snorkelling area. We stay there for a bit and then anchor to Poda Island for a bbq dinner on the beach. The sky is now clear enough that we can admire some sort of a sunset. The food is quite delicious too. About 1h and a half later, we board the boat again for our last stop of the night: we are going swimming with bioluminescent planktons.

We arrive with the boat lights all closed. The night is darker than it should be, because the clouds are covering the almost full moon. The boat creates waves that slowly starts to turn bright iridescent blue -and suddenly everyone realizes what is happening. We are above the planktons. Everyone starts jumping on the sea, every movements triggering the planktons to produce light. It feels absolutely unreal to be here, assisting this spectacle. Nature is so damn fucking beautiful and I am eternally grateful to be able to witness such diversity every where I am going. This moment will forever be one of the most magical moment I have experienced. The boat leaves after a few minutes and in about an hour, my ass is back at the hotel. Tomorrow, i am taking a ferry to my last island of Thailand: Koh phi phi.


I boarded my ferry to Koh Phi Phi around 2pm -but we stayed in place for three hours, without anyone telling us why the boat wasn’t on it’s way to the island yet. I was sitting on the ground, next to a wall that was providing barely enough shadow to cover me fully. Next to me was a very cute english guy with eyes as blue as the sea and in front of us a group of frat boys with their skins as red as one can get. They were drinking beers after beers, soaking in the sun as if they weren’t covered in sunburn at all. About 1 hour before the boat finally moved, a girl asked me if she could sit in the shade next to me. I made some place for her and we started talking. She was stunning looking. A classic beauty, brown hair and eyes, a beautiful smile. We discussed the reasons we were both travelling alone, talked about a bunch of different topics and people-watch together -sometimes making voices and stories for everyone that was passing by. I liked her vibe a lot. I am not sure how, but she ended up talking about the fact she though the was very independent before -and travelling alone made her realize that she is in fact very sad to not get as much attention as she had back home. She felt like she needed and was seeking for people to tell her she was beautiful and funny, etc. I told her it was normal. After all, i felt the same back in Vietnam. That loneliness was hard for me to explain at first. I think we all seek this, to some extent. That doesn’t make you not independent. It just makes you human. It was nice to hear that she was having the same struggle as I had - and although I was explaining to her that everyone feels that (even guys), I was also speaking to myself at the same time. As I told her she was independent and fucking bad-ass to just travel the world alone and that it was ok to feel the need to get recognition (even as shallow as compliments on her look) - I was basically allowing myself to be ok with that need too. The boat finally left the pier and we continued talking about all and nothing. The cute english guy jumped in the conversation at some point during our 3 hours ride. He was travelling with two other guys that bailed on him after only one week abroad.. he decided to continue alone. The boat finally landed at Koh Phi Phi. We said our goodbyes and I had to find another taxi boat to get to my resort (that wasn’t accessible by moto or foot).

When I arrived, it was night. I could still see the small bungalows on the cliff, illuminated just enough to allow me to dream of what it would look like in the morning. I checked in and was escorted to my bungalow, on the back of a small open car. The room was amazing looking -very big with windows all around. I could barely see the ocean now, but I knew how it was gonna look in the morning. I took a hot shower and felt asleep quickly after.

The next morning, i opened the curtains to one of the most beautiful views I ever witnessed. The water was so clear we could almost see the fishes from here. It was crashing on the white sand, and clashing with the deep greens of the jungle on the mountains above. The few clouds in the sky were as bright as the teeth of any respectable influencer. I stayed on the balcony for a while, just soaking in this moment. I then went down for breakfast and decided I would explore the island by foot for the day. There was a few viewpoints scattered everywhere, it would take me about two to three hours to reach all of them. Passing through small villages, big resorts and dense jungles -the hike was beautiful and very quiet. I crossed path with more stray cats and chickens than with people.

I was back at my hotel by 3pm. I decided to just go chill on the beach and go for a swim in the crystal clear water. By 3h30, a group of three tourists sat next to me on the beach. I befriended them quickly. The girl (Ana) was from Australia and the two guys (Luuk and Boet) from the Netherlands. Ana and Luuk were making most of the talk. Boet was mostly silent, but still seemed to enjoy his time. I paid them a round of drinks, which they paid back with more drinks after. We had funny conversations but a storm was approaching so I decided to call it done for the afternoon. I told them I would go to the city at night to meet them again for drinks. I was also going to meet the girl from the ferry, so we could combine the party. They agreed and left, as I arrived to my room just as the rain touched the ground. The storm was violent yet beautiful. The sky, so sunny a few minutes before, was now as dark as night. The thunder made my whole cottage tremble every time and the rain was bringing some fresh air all around. I stayed about an hour on the balcony, watching the scene in awe in front of the power of nature. I ended up deciding not to go to town this very night -very early the next morning I had a boat tour to go explore maya bay and swim with some sharks. I felt asleep quickly but woke-up every other hours (i blame the full moon, it always does this to me but I have no evidence as of why and do not believe in any astrology shits… so we can also say there was no reason- i just slept like crap).

The next morning I was in the boat a bit before 8. There was no other tourists that reserved the tour, so it was going to be a private one. We headed up to Maya Bay, firsts. This was on a small island in front of Koh Phi Phi Don. This is where they filmed the movie “The Beach”. There wasn’t a lot of tourists (because it was early) and I was able to get some pictures with no one at all on the beach. I even saw a baby shark swimming very close to the shore. Our second stop was to snorkel in another bay. I saw a few colourful fishes and one small black-tip reef shark. We stopped to a third snorkel spot and then stopped at Monkey Beach where I was able to just chill with some monkeys for a while. Our last stop was Shark Point. I was dropped their with the goal to find some sharks to snorkel with. I wasn’t stress at all at first, because the two sharks I had seen so far weren’t big at all. I snorkel for about 10 minutes without seeing anything. And then, out of the shallow water, a fucking gigantic shark appeared. What the fuck. I know they aren’t dangerous but I can tell you that my heart beat went triple the speed. It was a battle with my mind to not swim back to the boat in panic. Okay, breathe in. Don’t let it out of your sight, everything is fine. After about 4 minutes, I was fine again. Swimming closer to it. What an amazing creature. He left. I turn around, trying to see if there are any others in sight. After two minutes, i spot another one. Even bigger. Coming straight to me, what the fuck do i do? I kinda try to move on the side but in the end it turns and passes me. I follow it with my eyes, turning on myself to not turn my back to it- to realize that there are now three sharks circling me. Three massive sharks. Okaaay, i’m not super comfy with that. Like i’m sure they are nice but they are still wild, what if they are hungry? I stayed for a bit (mainly because i was circled and didn’t want to get closer to any) but was able to swim back to the boat after about 5 more minutes. I absolutely loved my experience but it was a bit stressful haha. Looking forward for what is coming in one of my next destination! More sharks ahead, that’s all I can say. We made it back to the hotel by 11h am.

I had lunch and then decided to find a way to walk to the town and use my last day there to explore the nightlife too. The walk to town was about 30 minutes in the jungle. The sky was very dark, as if another storm was about to rage- but in the end there wasnt even one drop of rain. I stopped at a coffee shop and texted Boet and Luuk. They were down to go out and show me a bit the town tonight. I met them back for dinner, in a small local restaurant near the beach. I was happy because Boet had more room to speak tonight. He was super interesting and very kind. I think i will forever prefer the introverts and quieter people to the one that can’t keep their mouth shut. It takes both to make a nice world, but my fave are forever the underdogs. We all had funny stories to tell about different travel experiences or what was life like back home. We then stopped to a bucket booth where Boet and I decided to share a bucket while Luuk was gonna get one for himself. These were very full of hard liquor, ice and a bit of fruits -but very yummy. We then went to sit on the beach, next to a bar and some fire shows. We stayed there for a few hours, telling dumb stories after dumb stories and just enjoying the flawless evening. I had to leave them around 1 because i had to take a taxi boat back to the hotel and wasnt sure when the service was stopping. I manage to grab one filled with other tourists and was in bed by 2 am.

I woke up the next day, top shape, but realized that the mosquito spray I bought the day before had an efficient rate of 0%. I was covered in bites from head to toes. I packed my things, bathed in afterbite and made my way to the ferry in direction of Phuket.


I arrived in Phuket early pm. I slept through most of my ferry ride, which was exceptionally comfortable. No sarcasm intended. I took a taxi to my hotel and chatted a lot with the driver while we were heading there. Her name was Patty. She was a monoparental mom who decided to leave her husband because she had enough of doing everything for him but getting nothing in return. She explained to me that in Thailand, it is just normal for woman to do everything for their husbands. Travelling with tourists, she realized that this was not something most woman in other countries were accepting. I explained to her that we had a term for these guys: man-child. And although some woman do not accept it- we still have a lot of them here. On top of killing any sexual interest (tell me whats attractive in a man that can’t cook or do simple chores by/for himself) it is a big cause of breakup in western countries too. She explained to me that even if her breakup wasn’t well perceived- she never felt as free and happy as she is feeling right now. She was such an amazing woman to meet. She even cried telling me about her experience during covid. I was touched by her story and we exchange numbers to keep in touch. I asked her if she was free the next morning to bring me to the airport- she agreed and we had more amazing conversations on the way there. We hug goodbyes in front of the terminal and I gave her all my remaining thai money (it wasn’t a lot but way more than she was expecting for this ride). I boarded my plane a few hours later, direction my 5th destination.

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