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10 Must-Have Products for Every Explorer

Traveling around the world means experiencing everything from city life to mountains and jungles, making picking the right gear a key to have a great trip. It’s all about having items that keep you comfortable and make moving from one place to another smoother. In this article, I am going to share the top 10 things that made my worldwide travels a real breeze. These essentials ensured I stayed ready for any adventure, making my experiences enjoyable and hassle-free.

1. Picking the Perfect Travel Backpack: A Guide for Globetrotters

On my 6-month journey around the world, the Shell Backpack from Tropicfeel was my go-to. It's not just sturdy and comfortable; it also effortlessly fits as a carry-on. This backpack truly stands up to the rigors of travel, maintaining its functionality trip after trip. Its design strikes the perfect balance between practicality and style, making it an ideal companion for any adventure. Whether I was hopping on a plane or exploring city streets, it never let me down.

2. Essential Travel Footwear: Finding the Right Shoes for Any Adventure

My go-to shoes for the epic 6-month journey through 15 countries were the Geyser Great HDry from TropicFeel. These shoes were champions, handling jungles, beaches, water, mountains, and even snow with ease. Their comfort was unmatched, staying in top shape until the very last day. Whether I was crossing different terrains or facing the elements, these shoes stood by me, proving their durability and adaptability in every situation. Absolutely loved them for their resilience and versatility across all those landscapes and weather conditions. Also look at them- they are so cute and trendy!

3. The Ultimate Travel Jacket: Stay Comfortable in Any Climate

The NS40 Clover Green Jacket from TropicFeel was a game-changer on my travels. This versatile, waterproof jacket was perfect for every climate, from the chilly Swiss Alps to the humid Vietnamese rainforests. Its adaptability made it an essential piece of my travel wardrobe, offering comfort and protection in various weather conditions without compromising on style. Since my trip, TropicFeel have release a new version of this jacket (the NS60), that can withstand more extreme weather. It's already on it's way to my home, for the next adventures!! My links are for women's wear, but they have the same jackets for man aswell! Head to their website to see the full list of awesome gear they provide!

4. Must-Have Electronics for Seamless World Travel

For seamless world travel, certain electronics are indispensable. A versatile tripod, essential for capturing those breathtaking moments, along with your smartphone, becomes a powerful duo for photography and navigation.

During my solo travels around the world, the versatility of this tripod was a game-changer. It could hook around almost anything, which was incredibly useful for taking photos in various settings. The addition of a remote allowed for easy, hands-free shooting, making it an essential tool for capturing moments from every part of my journey. This setup proved invaluable in documenting the adventure, from bustling city streets to serene landscapes, enhancing my travel experience.

5. Travel Gadgets That Make Every Trip Better

On my round-the-world trip, the universal travel adapter and my iPad with a Logitech keyboard were lifesavers. The adapter kept my gear charged in every country. But the real game changer? Turning my iPad into a mini-computer with that keyboard. It made blogging about my adventures a breeze. Super nice to have everything I needed for writing sessions, no matter where I was. And then, in a flip, I could be back in drawing-mode, in no times!

6. Seasonal Clothing Secrets for Year-Round Travelers

Traveling year-round means packing smart, especially when it comes to clothing. Layering became my mantra, with merino wool as my go-to for nearly everything. It's amazing for regulating temperature, no matter the climate. I also swear by my North Face shirt for its durability and comfort across different weather conditions. Learning to pack items that could easily adapt to the changing seasons without weighing down my luggage was key to enjoying my travels comfortably and somewhat-stylishly.