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Discover Montreal's Best Mid-Range Restaurants: A Foodie's Guide to Dining Excellence

Montreal's dining scene is a dynamic showcase of the city's rich cultural diversity and culinary innovation. Striking the perfect balance between affordability and gourmet quality, the city's mid-range restaurants offer an array of flavors that cater to every palate. From cutting-edge plant-based dishes to creatively reimagined traditional favorites, our curated list of the top 10 mid-range dining destinations is your passport to a culinary tour through Montreal. Each spot has been handpicked for its exceptional combination of quality, creativity, and value, providing both locals and visitors with an insider's guide to the flavors that cement Montreal as a gastronomic capital. Embark on a journey through Downtown Montreal's fusion eateries, Old Port's vegan delights, and the vibrant international cuisines that make up the city's must-visit dining spots.

1. Tiradito: A Fusion of Peruvian-Japanese Cuisine in Downtown Montreal

Closest Subway Station: Place-d'Armes

Discover the unique blend of Peruvian and Japanese flavors at Tiradito, a culinary gem in the heart of Downtown Montreal, offering an exceptional ceviche and Nikkei dining experience.

My favourite: Vegetarian dumplings & Pollo Frito

2. Escondite: Vibrant Mexican Flavors and Inventive Cocktails in Montreal

Closest Subway Station: Peel

Step into Escondite for a festive Mexican dining experience in Downtown Montreal, featuring creative tacos and signature cocktails in a lively atmosphere.

My favourite: The escondite experience! (you will taste lots of things on the menu, for 45$ each!)

3. Resto Cali: Authentic Vietnamese Delights in Downtown Montreal

Closest Subway Station: Berri-Uqam

Enjoy the comforting warmth of traditional Vietnamese cuisine at Resto Cali, where Pho and other classics are served in a casual Downtown Montreal setting.

My favourite: Pho Ga (chicken soup!)

4.Saint-Houblon: Craft Beer and Hearty Dishes in Downtown Montreal

Closest Subway Station: Berri-Uqam

Experience the perfect pairing of craft beer and gourmet food at Saint-Houblon, a haven for beer and poutine aficionados and foodies alike in Downtown Montreal.

My favourite: Tartare bowl and giant pretzel

5. Lov (Vegan): Chic Plant-Based Dining in Old Port of Montreal

Closest Subway Station: Square-Victoria OACI

Explore innovative vegan cuisine at Lov in the Old Port of Montreal, where a chic atmosphere meets the delicious versatility of plant-based dishes.

My favourite: Creamy gnocchi pesto