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Montreal's Elegant Evenings: Top 10 Upscale Dining Destinations

Dive into the elegance of Montreal's fine dining scene with our curated list of top-tier restaurants. These destinations offer more than just meals; they deliver exquisite dining experiences that blend sophisticated ambiance, unparalleled service, and culinary masterpieces. From the historic charm of Old Montreal to the bustling heart of the city, each of these upscale establishments promises an unforgettable journey through refined tastes and innovative dishes.

1. Le Candide: Farm-to-Table Excellence in Le Sud-Ouest, Montreal

Closest Subway Station: Guy-Concordia

Experience the pinnacle of seasonal dining at Le Candide, a leader in farm-to-table cuisine set in Montreal's Le Sud-Ouest neighborhood, celebrating local produce in a refined setting.

My favourite: The incredible menu is based on fresh farm products so is always changing!

2. Le Serpent: Chic Contemporary Italian in Montreal's Old Port

Closest Subway Station: Square-Victoria OACI

Dive into contemporary Italian cuisine at Le Serpent, where chic industrial vibes meet culinary precision in the heart of Montreal's Old Port.

My favourite: Truffe and almond linguine.

3. Le Garde-Manger: Seafood and Vibrancy in Old Montreal

Closest Subway Station: Place d'Armes

Savor creative seafood and steak dishes at Le Garde-Manger, offering a lively dining experience nestled in the historic charm of Old Montreal.

My favourite: The filet mignon has a nut crust and is one of the best I ever had.

4. Hoogan & Beaufort: Rustic Elegance and Open Kitchen Flair in Angus, Montreal

Closest Subway Station: Prefontaine

Join Hoogan & Beaufort for an open kitchen journey where modern culinary techniques and the rustic charm of fire-cooked dishes converge in Montreal's Angus neighborhood.

My favourite: Rabbit pasta

5. Montreal Plaza: Whimsical and Innovative Dining in Little Italy

Closest Subway Station: Beaubien

Discover the innovative and playful cuisine of Montreal Plaza, a standout for whimsical decor and boundary-pushing dishes in Montreal's Little Italy.

My favourite: The incredible menu is based on fresh farm products so is always changing!