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Montreal Unveiled: Perfect Weekend Spots for Post-Tattoo Relaxation

Montreal, famed for its vibrant tattoo scene featuring artists like Ralkinz, Michael Cloutier, and Matt Chaos, also offers a myriad of experiences tailored for those fresh from the tattoo chair. "Montreal Unveiled: Perfect Weekend Spots for Post-Tattoo Relaxation" is your guide to gently explore the city while adhering to your artist's aftercare instructions. It’s designed with healing in mind, suggesting activities that are tattoo-friendly, ensuring you can enjoy Montreal’s cultural richness without compromising your new ink’s healing process.

Aube Boulangerie - Traditional Baking Meets Seasonal Flavours in Hochelaga, Montreal

Closest Subway Station: Joliette

Aube Boulangerie stands out in Hochelaga, Montreal, for its commitment to traditional techniques and seasonal products. Offering a selection of breads, pastries, and coffee, it promises an authentic experience.

My favourite:  Everything at Aube has been crafted with passion and love, so it's hard for me to really choose a best-of. I would say that the breakfast sandwich is as delicious as it is surprising, when you realize the bread is actually a bread-shaped croissant. The cinnamon roll is also a real star.

Café Olimpico - Iconic Italian Café Culture in Mile End, Montreal

Closest Subway Station: Laurier

Embrace the robust flavors of traditional espresso at Café Olimpico in Mile End, Montreal. A local institution since 1970, it's the epitome of Italian café culture in the city.

My favourite:  The Caffe Crema and the tiramisu!! 

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Cafe Mimosa - Lush Brunch Offerings in Mile End

Closest Subway Station: St-Laurent

Savor the butter-soft mornings at Cafe Mimosa in Mile End with their New Orleans Beignet and Avocado Toast, blending lush ambiance with delicious brunch classics. And of course, don't forget to order one of their delicious Mimosa!

My favourite: New Orleans Beignet + Avocado Toast

La Grand-mère poule (Shack Attakk) - Traditional Brunch Delights in Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie

Closest Subway Station: Rosemont

Relish in the mellow mornings and traditional breakfast offerings of La Grand-mère poule (Shack Attack) in Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie, a haven for avocado toast lovers.

My favourite: La poulette Bleue (2 eggs + 2 blueberry pancakes)

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Escondite: Vibrant Mexican Flavors and Inventive Cocktails in Montreal

Closest Subway Station: Peel

Step into Escondite for a festive Mexican dining experience in Downtown Montreal, featuring creative tacos and signature cocktails in a lively atmosphere.

My favourite: The escondite experience! (you will taste lots of things on the menu, for 45$ each!)